March ‘68 and Polish Cinema

On March 14, at 5 PM we would like to invite you to a vernissage of exhibition entitled “Filmobcy. Marzec ’68”.

Jerzy Hoffman, Andrzej Krakowski, Krzysztof Rogulski, Andrzej Titkow, Janusz Zaorski, Michał Dudziewicz, Jerzy Matula, Leon Kelcz – eyewitnesses tell about March 1968 in a film environment, with a special focus on Łódź and the Film School. The exhibition will be able to see not only the filmmakers’ reports, but also official documents, photographs (often unique), posters.

What would Polish cinema look like if Andrzej Munk had not died in a car crash? A rather sad answer can be provided to this frequently asked question, namely, it would most probably look the same, as otherwise he would have been forced to leave Poland in 1968 like many other Jewish filmmakers who often had greatly contributed to Polish cinema. The country was left for good by among others, Regina Dreyer, Edward Etler, Józef Fiałkowski, Władysław Forbert, Aleksander Ford, Zygmunt Goldberg, Dora Gromb, Ludwik Hager, Aleksander Hochberg, Tadeusz Jaworski, Andrzej Krakowski, Helena Lemańska, Jerzy Lipman, Marian Marzyński, Anatol Radzinowicz, Zygmunt Szyndler, Mieczysław Wajnberger, and Kurt Weber. Others, like Jerzy Hoffman, were encouraged to leave, some others were left alone. However, the life experiences of particular people, although tragic, are not the only consequence of the events of 1968 in Polish film history. What is more, everything had begun much earlier

Piotr Zwierzchowski

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