Bergman from the film tape

On Thursday, 14th of September, we screened “Wild Strawberries” by Ingmar Bergman from the film tape.

The screening was preceded by a short lecture by Professor Tadeusz Szczepański covering the work of the Swedish director. – The whole film is a morality tale, in which the daughter-in-law functions as an allegoric figure, making us aware of the indifference towards other people. This is a film-confession, in which there is a compensation, an attempted reconciliation– said Professor Szczepański, stressing important autobiographical threads in Bergman’s work. – This is was cinema is about – by learning personal stories, each viewer can see him/her in them, along with their perception of love and loneliness.

During his lecture, Professor Szczepański talked about the wide spectre of Bergman’s activity, referred to his theatrical work, inspiration by Strindberg and Ibsen and also to the director’s inspiration by The Phantom Carriage by Victor Sjöström, who later played Professor Isak Borg in “Wild Strawberries”.

On the 17th of October you will get another chance to listen to Professor Szczepański and watch another masterpiece by Bergman – “The Seventh Seal”. The film will also be played from the film tape.



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