Moomins from the Museum in Japan

On November 28, an exhibition devoted to the Moomins was opened in Tokyo. It exhibits, among others, puppets, stills and posters provided by the Film Museum. The exhibition will also be on display in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.

The provided exhibits include, among others, puppets from an animated series about the Moomins which was developed in the Łódź Se-Ma-For Studio at the turn of the 1970s. The Tokyo exhibition was opened by Sophia Jansson, a niece of the world-famous Tove Jansson, the author of ten books about the adventures of likeable trolls from the Moominvalley. The exhibition has been organised by TOEI Company. Its Japanese title is 「ムーミンパペットアニメーション展」(`Mūminpapettoanimēshon-ten’), which means “Puppet animation of the Moomins.”

It is worth noting that animated films about the Moomins developed in the Łódź Se-Ma-For Studio were directed by: Lucjan Dembiński, Krystyna Kulczycka, Jadwiga Kudrzycka, Dariusz Zawilski. On daily basis, the puppets can be seen in the Palace Full of Stories which warmly invites all children (the big ones included).

Information about the exhibition from the Tokyo television:



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