Prices and Information for Visitors

Admission tickets

Individual ticket – 10,00 PLN

Individual discount ticket – 7,00 PLN

Guided tour (with Polish language guide) – 80,00 PLN

Guided tour (with English language guide) – 80,00 PLN

Tickets are available up to 30 minutes before the Museum’s regular closing time at the ticket office.

Credit cards are accepted.

Free admission day to all permanent exhibitions – Tuesdays.

Discount admission is granted to school children, students, senior citizens, people with disability including accompanying person, all schools teachers.


Free Admission

Free admission is granted to everyone awarded the Order of White Eagle (RP), Virtuti Military Cross, Order of Merit (RP), Gloria Artis Medal, the members of the International Council of Museums and International Council on Monuments and Sites and Polish state museum employees.


Guided Tours / Booking For Groups

The department of Visitor Services in the Film Museum in Lodz offers a large number of guided tours with English speaking guides and events.

For details see the event calendar.

Groups are requested to book their visiting times in the advance due to the limited number of available guides.
Should you need further information please contact us:

telephone: +48 42 203 24 50

e-mail: rezerwacja(at)


Please note: we receive a large number of inquiries daily. Even though we make great effort to answer your inquiries immediately, on rare occasions our response may take longer. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


About Museum For Visitors

Visitor Entrance located at Plac Zwycięstwa 1, 90-312 Łódź


Facilities for visitors:

For everybody:

  1. Books and DVDs are available at the ticket office;
  2. A drinking water dispenser and vending machine with drinks and sweets are located at the cinema entrance, on the -1 level;
  3. Toilets for visitors are located at the -1 level and at the Museum’s basement;


For disabled visitors:

1.Wheelchair users:

– an elevator for wheelchair users is located in the entrance hall to the Museum and cinema, and services all four storeys:

— entrance hall (0 level);

— underground with a cloakroom, toilets and an entrance to exhibition rooms (-1 level);

— entrance to the cinema (+1 level);

— gallery above the cinema (+2 level);

– an elevator in Museum’s tower services ground floor, first floor and attic (used only with the

assistance of the museum staff);

– wheelchair stairs transporter (please enquire in the ticket office – used only with the assistance of the Museum staff);

– for a wheelchair enquire  in the ticket office;

– toilet for the disabled is located in the cinema building on the -1 level.

Should you have any doubts or problems please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in the office.

2. Hearing impaired people:

– there is an inductive loop installed at the ticket office for people using hearing aids with T-coil;

– there is also an inductive loop in the cinema;

– we do not provide loop receivers.


For mothers with babies:

– a room for mothers with babies is located in the cinema building on the first level.

Should you have any doubts or problems please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in the office.


Rules of order.


– Please, leave your rucksacks, bags, suitcases, umbrellas, and coats in the cloakroom.

– Please, follow the designated route of visit.


Visitors are not permitted to:

– bring in guns and sharp objects and any other weapons of all sorts

– bring in animals (except guide dogs)

– smoke

– eat or drink

– enter the exhibition in clear state of intoxication

– touch the exhibits and the decor of rooms

– use any kind of open fire

Visitors in the state of intoxication, as well as the people who disturb peace and order and who do not obey the rules in question may be deprived of the right to visit the exhibition and the tickets will not be reimbursed.

The visitors who have purchased the tickets are obliged to obey the rules in question.


On the courtyard:

Visitors are not permitted to:

– bring in animals (except guide dogs),

– make noise and run about,

– smoke,

– drink alcohol.


Safety rules (for groups)

– Because of the unique character of the interior, groups can visit the Museum only with a guide.

– Please, follow instructions given by guides and security personnel.

– The group must not exceed 30 people.


A special permission of Museum authorities is required for:

– Driving into the courtyard with any kind of motor vehicle;

– Organizing symposiums, conferences, advertising campaigns and other meetings of

that kind;

– Art and business activities, including door-to-door sales;

– Taking photos and filming the exhibits, interiors, architecture details and the building of the Film Museum (Scheibler’s Palace) for commercial purposes.


Contact for media:




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